Georgia Employer GLAZIER in Atlanta, Georgia

* Install glass in windows, store fronts, display cases, mirrors * Measure dimensions of areas to be covered * Mark outlines or patterns * Select glass * Decide on plumb of walls or ceilings * Install metal sashes or moldings * Use aluminum or steel framing * Cut and fit glass for surfaces such as building fronts, tabletops * Fasten glass panes into wood sashes or frames * Seal joints using clips, points, weather seals, putty. * Secure mirrors in position using mastic cement, bolts, screws. * Repair or replaced glass * Cut and removed broken glass * Set glass doors into frames * Attach doors to frames and walls using metal hinges, handles, locks. * Score glass and broke off excess * Load and unloaded glass from trucks * Carry out preventive maintenance on all tools * Keep shop clean and Organize * Carry out written or oral instructions * Demonstrate problem solving skills * Follow all company procedures and safety guidelines * Weatherproof windows * Install rubber channeling strips around sides of glass * Maintain high level of quality control * Provide customer service * Demonstrate basic mathematical skills * Use industry tools such as glass cutters, grinding machines, polishing machines, levels, tape measures. * Valid driver's license