Georgia Employer DIRECTOR OF INTERPRETING in Atlanta, Georgia

Summary The Sorenson VRS Center Director is responsible for the oversight and day-to-day management of the VRS Center. The director will recruit and hire new video interpreters and work with the management team to ensure proper staffing for call volume and support. The director will maintain professional and motivated employees, and will ensure a high quality of service with regards to interpreter skills and adherence to Sorenson VRS standards. Essential Duties and Responsibilities * Interpret between American Sign Language (ASL) and spoken English * VRS phone calls * In-person interpreting as needed by Sorenson employees * Video interpreting as needed by Sorenson employees * Demonstrate full compliance with Sorenson standards and policies, FCC regulations, and the RID Code of Professional Conduct * Demonstrate full compliance with Sorenson Communications consumer service core competen cies * Complete assigned tasks/duties, projects and paperwork promptly and within approved guidelines * Maintain a flexible work schedule in order to meet the demands of the VRS industry * Enhance interpreting skills through continuing education * Demonstrate willingness and ability to complete additional duties and assignments * Recruit, interview and create offers for potential VRS interpreters * Work with manager to choose and coordinate center Workshops * Resolve Caller complaints per regulatory guidelines * Monitor the day to day management of staff * Plug-ins * Annual Reviews * Statistical Analysis of Individual and Center Wide data to monitor productive output * Coaching and counseling * Human Resource directives (Workers Compensation, FMLA, DAFs, etc) * Work with management team to ensure a collaborative environment in the VRS Center * Communicate effectively cross multiple departments * Choose and coordinate internal Interpreter and customer based workshops * Effectively relays and supports company policies * Represent Sorenson Communications in a positive manner at all times * Work with local ITPs, schools, and the community to demonstrate video relay services Knowledge/Skills/Abilities Required * Ability to learn and work comfortably with Microsoft Office applications and technical equipment * Excellent communication skills * Fast learner and self-motivated * Willing to enhance management and interpreting skills through continuing education * Willingness to work a flexible schedule * Demonstrate clear written and verbal communication * Ability to coach and counsel staff as needed and provide basic conflict resolution * Possess the ability to quickly learn and implement new and changing technologies * Work effectively in a team environment * Work effectively in an environment with oversight that may include, but may not be limited to: call monitoring, mentoring, and evaluations * Work effectively in a high-tech, fast paced, dynamic, highly regulated environment * Maintain, as applicable, compliance with any national, state, or local licensure and/or certification requirement * Ability to manage a large staff of people and schedules * Ability to train and teach small and large groups Experience/Education/Certifications * Sign Language Interpreter certification required * 10+ years experience as an American Sign Langu age (ASL interpreter) in a variety of settings preferred * Management experience preferred * Experience as a Video Interpreter preferred * Membership in an interpreting-related professional association preferred Other General Requirements/Additional Notes * Requires interpreting for long periods of time * Fast paced, dynamic, highly regulated * Customer-service focused * Collaborative, supportive and positive attitude * Team-oriented * Computer and video equipment used in all areas of the job * Positive attitude, team player, good interpersonal communication skills and able to work across company departments Equal Employment Opportunity: Sorenson Communica